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Source: Leigh Stark, Technology & Business

Fast, capable and easy to use, this printer is excellent value, as long as you do not waste too much time gazing at its depths under the cover as though looking in to a fridge.

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The Samsung CLP-660ND is a large laser printer for professionals. You know that when you open it up and gaze into it's large fridge-like depth, you're not looking at anything made for an amateur.

Installing the drivers was one of the easier colour laser installs we have ever done.

The driver was very user-friendly with options like watermarking, double-sided printing, overlays, and a good amount of control for the varying paper types.

We did find it odd that no information could be found about toner levels in the driver even though it included a tab to buy new supplies.

A small LED menu is available on the printer itself and while the interface isn't super user friendly, you'll probably be mostly using the driver instead. We did like how a menu-map could be printed out, which gave us an overview on every setting the printer had available.

Samsung has designed something here that works to be both efficient and cost-effective.

Each toner cartridge is rated for around 5,000 pages at five percent coverage giving you a printer that has the potential to save you plenty of money. We found street prices fluctuated, but each toner cartridge should cost under $200.

The five percent coverage number works well in relation to printing speed too. We found that when printing small amounts of colour, like what you would find in an average report, there was a 10 to 15 second period of warm-up and data retrieval but afterwards one page came out every 2-3 seconds. This means that most of the documents you decide to print will be waiting in the paper tray by the time you've grabbed your coffee cup and gone in to wait for the printer.

Printing black and white gets the same efficient speed with two to three seconds between each page. We even found the double-sided printing to be fast enough with each page only taking a few extra seconds to be automatically fed back in and printed on.

Colour presentations might be the area where you run into some slight issues, however. Testing of the Samsung CLP-660ND found that over USB, a set of 5 full-colour slides yielded a time of almost two and a half minutes. Duplicates of this took almost as long with thirty seconds cut out from not needing to warm up.

Despite this, the Samsung CLP-660ND is highly recommended. Printing speed is well fast enough for the price. The printer's build quality is excellent and that, along with its 10/100 Ethernet connection, and a section tray for different media types, we're sure you'll find this is an excellent value machine.

Pros: Fast for most types of documents, good size toner cartridges, user-friendly
Cons: Ink supply would be nice in-driver, full colour a little slow
Rating: 9/10

Samsung CLP-660ND
News: 5/05/2009 12:52:53 PM