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By Leigh stark
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Samsung is the king of quality and quantity: they have a plethora of printers, and they are all mostly decent. This one is no exception.

Samsung has been spinning off quite a few colour laser printers of late and they've got a reputation for quality to keep. The CLX-6210FX takes the technology used in its other colour lasers and puts a multifunction in the same device.

While not a small printer, the CLX-6210FX looks like the sort of thing you'd want to have in your office. Having the stature more like that of a full-fledged multifunction printer, you'll probably want this in a print room, which is a good thing seeing as it has the tendency to emit a small hum at all times when it's turned on.

As a multifunction, you'll be using it for more than just printing. A colour photocopier, scanner, and a fax machine are all included in the device. The printer also includes duplexing so you can be a eco-friendly and save paper, as well as money.

Much like the Samsung CLP-660ND we recently reviewed, the CLX-6210FX looks a lot like a fridge when you open it up. From the design, we expect that this multifunction is built from the same technology that made the CLP-660ND so great.

As with all other Samsung printers we've tested, the installation was a breeze. Under Windows, it's just a matter of installing the drivers. Options found in the driver didn't seem to be quite as diverse as they were on other Samsung printers, but the options weren't hard to work with and it's quite easy to start working with double-sided printing, paper types, watermarking, and colour options.

If you've just come from a monochromatic multifunction, you'll be blown away by how good this is. An RRP of $1199 is quite impressive when you see the quality this device puts out. While not the glossy magazine quality seen out of higher-end printers, the colour is still excellent and was superior to any inkjets we have tested.

Much like the CLP-660ND, full colour pages from presentations take around 25 to 30 seconds each not including the 40 second warm-up. Extra copies endure practically the same amount of time with only 3 seconds shaved off.

More than likely, you'll be printing small amounts of colour, which this device is more than capable of. Blends of both black and white text with colour graphics take 5 seconds per page printed singularly while in duplex they take 10 seconds each.

We'd say that with all of its features, the Samsung CLX-6210 is the multifunction for you if you want value. It doesn't have quite the same sort of speed as other printers, but with its extra functionality and decent print quality, it is well worth considering.

Samsung CLX-6210FX
News: 5/05/2009 3:44:14 PM