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Alloys created a non-traditional distribution Wonder Land on Wednesday March 23rd in Melbourne, Showcasing their latest technology in a unique experiential environment. Approximately 300 Alloys partners followed the Mad Hatter on a magical journey through their broad range of technology offerings from Print and Imaging solutions through to their newly developed Integrated Technology Division. The enchanted evening had everything from live art and musical comedy to aerial displays from Alice and the Cheshire cat.

Alloys CEO Paul Harman said "We are delighted with the success of Alloys in Wonderland. As a concept Channel events have become very rare and the ones that we have seen have been a little stale. With Alloys in Wonderland we wanted to reinvigorate and reinvent the genre. It was designed to provide our vendors and resellers with a different way to communicate and understand the technology that we are involved in. It offered our resellers a chance to see the magic of the technology that we deal with and immerse themselves in wonder of how they can continue to create new opportunities for the business."

This innovative channel event also provided Alloys with the platform to announce the recent changes to their sales structure. Paul Harman added "We have created two discrete sales divisions which provide us with a robust presence in the these markets. These sales divisions are the Printing and Imaging Division and Integrated Technology. We have long been renowned for our passion for the Printing and Imaging market and in 2011 this change reinforces our commitment and desire to be the value partner that resellers can rely on for their printing and imaging needs. The newly formed Integrated Technology division works with the technologies of Digital Entertainment, Projectors, IP Surveillance and Home Automation and for the first time in Australia provides the channel a holistic view of the technologies and how they work together rather than a vertical focus. Whilst we have been in these markets before, this new structure really provides our vendors and customers with greater strength and overall capability."

The overall production of Alloys In Wonder Land reflects their non-traditional approach to distribution and our desire to be more than just a website and warehouse. Kyocera's Neil Baird-Watson added "The Wonderland reseller evening demonstrated to Kyocera exactly where Alloys are at - the forefront of valued added distribution in Australia. In talking to many resellers on the evening, it became as clear as the smirk on the Cheshire cat's face that Alloy's focus on building a reseller business relationship, above and beyond the commercial transaction, is translating into a strong and loyal reseller base."

Alloys are a non-traditional IT distributor, providing resellers with in depth product knowledge, greater flexibility and strong relationships. Customers get much more than expected from a traditional IT distributor.

News: 29/03/2011 10:26:22 AM