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Source: Canon

Canon continues working to ascertain damages and determine when operations can resume.

With regard to Canon offices, plants and Canon Group companies in Japan, there have been reports from several sites of power outages, damage to buildings and stoppages in production equipment.
At Canon Inc.'s Utsunomiya Office in northern Honshu, there have been 15 injuries confirmed. None of these, however, were life-threatening injuries.
While the earthquake had a slight impact on Canon offices, plants and Group companies in the western half of Honshu, there have been no injuries and no significant damage to buildings or equipment.
In the event that production operations may be suspended for a month or more, the Company will consider making use of alternate sites that were not damaged by the earthquake as a means of continuing production.
To aid in the relief efforts for the earthquake victims, the Canon Group is making a donation of 300 million yen ($AU 3.7 million / $NZ 4.9 million) to the Japanese Red Cross Society and other humanitarian aid organizations, and will provide supplies as needed.
News: 15/03/2011 11:50:40 AM