1. What contribution is SANYO making to education?

SANYO was the first company to offer the short focus projector to the market. Again, it was SANYO's innovation in design that gave the world the ultra short focus projector, which is especially designed for the interactive whiteboard. SANYO is currently developing new products in response to the users' changing needs, including the new DLP light engine, which will result in the world's shortest focus projector - reducing shadowing even further on the whiteboard. Its sealed light engine will also virtually eliminate the problem of dust degrading the picture quality in the classroom, and the introduction of the world's first 3D-ready ultra short focus projector will give opportunities to even further advance the learning experience for students.

2. How are SANYO's education solutions being implemented and received in the education sector?
SANYO have teamed up with leading interactive whiteboard vendors to offer industry-leading performance and low cost of ownership. The ultra short throw models mount on the wall directly above a board. This provides a teacher and student-friendly environment as the installation minimises shadowing and ensures teachers do not look directly into the light path. The enhanced security options including the orange cabinet have provided a strong deterrent against theft.

3. What trends do you see emerging for the future of education?
The ultra short throw projector category will continue to grow. New features will include widescreen display, 3D projection, and interactive technology built into the projector. Features that address lower cost of ownership will be prevalent; this includes low-maintenance features like special filter systems and lamp technologies.

4. How will SANYO meet these demands?
SANYO have current widescreen solutions and new models planned that incorporate 3D features and interactive technology. The projector market is very dynamic and SANYO prides itself on strong R&D (research and development) to bring new teaching options to the market.

5. How is SANYO contributing to green technology?
All the models sold in 2010 comply with the low 1W standby specifications. They are also supplied with environmentally friendly packaging. In addition, SANYO have an eco-friendly lamp disposal strategy.

Waste Reduction
SANYO has participated in the National Packaging Covenant, a packaging waste reduction activity, since 2004. All of our packaging has been designed and labelled to guide users in environmentally friendly disposal choices.

Resource Recovery
SANYO is a founding member of Product Stewardship Australia who is currently working with governments of all levels to introduce 'End of Life stewardship' for televisions, as a first step towards further e-Waste products progressively being added in future years.

Energy Performance Standards
SANYO projectors now comply with ErP Lot 6 2010, the Standby Power and High Energy Efficiency standards of the European Union, saving power by operating at less than 1 watt in standby mode.

Green Teacher Award
SANYO Oceania is pleased to sponsor Clean Up Australia Green Teacher Award, an initiative designed to recognise teachers who have been a positive influence on students by carrying out environmental projects within their school community. This award recognises teachers who display leadership qualities and promote environmental awareness in their school.

6. What makes SANYO stand out in the market as a provider of education technology solutions?
SANYO is a major Japanese brand. We position the SANYO projector brand as the market leader. Our products stand for performance and reliability. We will continue to provide industry-leading features and models designed specifically for the education segment.

News: 4/08/2010 10:14:32 AM